Saturday, December 22, 2007

Please sign the Speaker Pelosi and the Rep. Conyers impeachment petitions

The breadth and depth of Cheney and Bush's crimes and misdemeanors have been public for a long time now. And the only ones standing in the way of impeaching them at this point are Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Conyers. For the health, strength and, frankly, survival of our Democracy we are imploring them to put aside whatever prevents them from fulfilling their sworn constitutional duty to protect and defend the Constitution and begin impeachment hearings against Cheney and Bush immediately; the very remedy the Constitution calls for when high crimes and misdemeanors are committed against this heretofore sacred institution.

Please help get these impeachment hearings underway by signing these two petitions and circulating to as many people as possible. Thanks!

Sign Rep. Conyers, Chairman of Judiciary Committee petition

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Sign Speaker Pelosi petition

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